Welcome World!

In May of 2015, I graduated from Nursing school. After four long, challenging years, I was finally ready to start my life. But just five months after starting my job as a nurse in a hospital, I could no longer take it. My physical health was starting to be effected by the stress and anxiety I felt about my job. The fit just was not right for me and the way I approach healthcare. And I have been so discouraged since quitting my job. I live in the midwest and I have very few options for job opportunities in the medical field besides the traditional ones in hospitals and nursing homes.

I finally decided to just start a blog. I want to share with you the things I find important and learn from you as well. I have been following Rachel Brathen, also known as yoga girl on social media, for about a year now. I am so inspired by her! With Instagram, she has reached out to millions of people. And now, with all the fame she has received, she is reaching back and changing lives. She started a non-profit charity because she feels the social responsibility to do good for others and she has an animal rescue on her home island of Aruba. I also want to help others, and right now the best way I know how is to share information about my plant based lifestyle.

Living a plant based lifestyle is beneficial for your health, the planet, animals, and every human being living on this Earth we share. I want to educate and show people how easily they can change their lives and the lives of others. I cannot create a non-profit charity, as much as I would like to, maybe someday! But, right now, I can share what I know about a plant based lifestyle. I can help improve the planet I live on and help every living creature on it. I hope to share great informational sources, recipes, products, and so much more. Please come back daily and learn with me!

Follow Rachel Brathen, she is seriously inspiring!

Instagram: @yoga_girl

Twitter: @RachelBrathen



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