Resolution: Happiness


The New Year is fast approaching! I am usually not one for resolutions, even as a child I hated it when my mom would have us go around the table during supper on NYE and announce our resolutions. Now, I prefer to set goals for myself, habits I want to start or improve on in my day to day life. This year, I want to take it one step farther.

Last year around this same time, I read The Happiness Project for the first time. Reading the book was such an inspiration and I knew one day I would like to tackle a project of my own. And after the life changes I have had in the past month or two, I decided 2016 was my year! In the happiness project, each month you tackle different areas of your life, make goals or resolutions for them, and then keep track of how well you maintained your goals each day. For example, the author Gretchen Rubin made goals to improve her energy in the month of January. When February came around, the January goals were carried over and new goals for her marriage were added.

I love this concept of rolling over your goals from each month to the next. That is truly the only way to change your life and make it stick. And along the way, you discover goals or resolutions that really do not add as much to your life as you thought they would, and you drop them! The whole point of the goals you make for yourself in this particular book are meant to add happiness to your life. Even when reading the book I feel happier and I have yet to really implement any of my goals yet.

I am really excited to start this project for myself! I will post my goals at the beginning of the month and then report on the outcome at the end of the month. I encourage you to go to the library and read the book for yourself (I have also seen the book at Target if you want to purchase it). Even if you do not want to start your own project, the information in the book alone is enough to inspire some changes to start your New Year and increase your happiness!


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