Resolution: Miracles Now


Yesterday I shared some of my thoughts on resolutions in the New Year. I plan on using the book The Happiness Project as a guide for goals I would like to set for myself each month, a sort of resolution to myself to bring more happiness to my life in 2016. Along with that book, I also plan to use another book daily to improve my meditation practice and de-stress in 2016.. something I need very much (as do most of us I’m sure).

The second book I will be using is Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein. I heard about this book while watching a video on YouTube posted by someone I think everyone should know about, Tashina Combs. She has this wonderful website,, that is my guide to everything vegan beauty! I am also a huge fan of her YouTube channel and during a video about Christmas gift ideas, I heard her talk about this book. The book is full of tools to de-stress your life, find purpose, and includes principles from Kundalini yoga and meditation.

You can use this book in many ways, by working through each of the 108 practices as you see fit. In the video Tashina posted, she explained that the book was meant to be used in such a way that, you just randomly open to a page and it will be a task that you need to work through. For example, the day I got Miracles Now, I opened to #48 resolve inner conflict. I then read through a quick explanation followed by a meditation practice designed to resolve inner conflict. Each passage is ended with a miracle message that is designed to be efficient but short enough to be shared on social media and ended with #MiraclesNow.

I love the concept that is book is designed to help you work through exactly what you need on any given day. I just need to open the book and a message I need to hear will be given to me along with a message I can share with the world. I do not know much yet about the author of this book, but I did purchase her book Spirit Junkie and I cannot wait to learn more. I will be sure to share with you my thoughts on how both books are working out for me. If you have read a Gabrielle Bernstein book, I would love to know what you thought about it!


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