Spaghetti + Veggies

Yesterday, my fiancé made a quick recipe for lunch that we ended up eating for supper as well. It was so good and was very simple! We used store bought noodles and sauce, plus the veggies we had on hand. We just cooked the noodles as per instruction on the box. While the noodles were cooking, my fiancé used a cast iron skillet to sauté the veggies he had chopped up. We had zucchini, carrot, onion, green peppers, a Serrano pepper, and broccoli.  My fiancé cooked the green peppers on the side since they upset my stomach and he steamed the broccoli lightly, then added them to the vegetable sauté for a minute or two, then removed them and set them aside until the pasta was ready to serve so they would not over cook.

After the vegetables were cooked to our liking we added in a garlic pasta sauce we purchased from Whole Foods, it was so delicious! The sauce and veggies were folded together and then topped with some fresh thyme herb. Once the noodles were finished, we drained them and added them to the sauce. Fold everything together again and you are ready to serve. My fiancé topped his plate with the green peppers and broccoli (a veggie I am still working towards enjoying.. I am trying very hard)! I did try a bite of his pasta and surprisingly enjoyed it very much. This is something we make quite often but it is always different depending on what we have on hand.

I did get a vegetable spiralizer for Christmas though, so I am very excited to make pasta made with vegetable “noodles”. If you have any good recipes for veggie noodle pasta I would love to know about it, let me know in the comment section please!


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