Meet My Girl, Wednesday

The name for this blog was inspired by my beautiful dog Wednesday. Just short of four years ago, I was in a very lonely place. My boyfriend (now fiancé!) lived over an hour away, school was overwhelming and did not allow much social time. I went on a desperate search to find a dog. I worked as a receptionist at the time, and would spend hours in the evening looking at the dogs for adoption on different Humane Society and rescue websites. Not only that, I forced my mom or dad to got to every local adoption place with me to look at the dogs in person. Then finally, I saw this little face.

Wednesday at the Humane Society, our first meeting.

I was never going to leave the Humane Society without that dog. I knew right away she was the one for me. I got my sweet little mutt home and decided her name would be Wednesday. I have always loved the Addams Family, Wednesday being my favorite character. I just knew the name would be very fitting for my new companion. When I first brought her home, I thought for sure our family dog, Spike, would never forgive me. But the two of them have formed a very close bond now and I am so grateful for that.


I cannot put it into words accurately enough to explain how much this beautiful creature means to me. I am always whispering in her ear about how she has to live forever, because I cannot imagine my life without her. That is probably the unconscious reason I named this blog after her. Twenty years from now, I will still have this spot, where I can go to share what is important to me and she will always be apart of it. Every night when I lay in bed and she is curled up next to me, keeping me warm, I am amazed by the relationship that has developed between our species and hers. And I am so grateful for it. Outside of having a child, I think the bond with an animal is one of the most pure things a person can feel.


Please tell me about the animals that mean the world to you in the comment section! I would love to read your story.


5 thoughts on “Meet My Girl, Wednesday

  1. Andrea Charlaine

    So cute! I have a dog at home with my family and am always happy to see him when I go home, but now that I have lived on my own for a few years, adopting a dog is all I can think about. I can only imagine how amazing that relationship with Wednesday is! 🙂

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