Yoga Studio App

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite way to get yoga practice in on a daily basis. I use the Yoga Studio app on my iPhone and iPad. The app is also available on the new Apple TV, which I think is amazing, and it is also available on Windows devices. The app does cost 3.99 USD. I usually do not pay for apps, but to me, this one is worth it. 

This app comes with classes ready to use, you just download the classes that appeal to you into your virtual yoga studio. The classes are arranged into different collections so you can easily find the type of class you are looking for. The classes are also divided by yoga skill level, so if you are a beginner you could start with the beginner classes and if you are more experienced you could use the intermediate or advanced classes. Their are also deep meditation classes that vary in length from 5-20 minutes. One of my favorite collection of classes is called quick yoga fix. These are classes that are all 10 minutes long and each class has a different focus, from strength, flexibility, relaxation and more. 

I also think this app is organized very well, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Within the collections themselves you can sort options by ability, focus, or duration. Or, you can search for a class by inputting how long of a class you want, your yoga ability, and even how intense you want the class to be. This app also has a section titled poses. This feature is wonderful. You can look at a picture of what each pose should look like, a description of how to perform the pose, benefits of the pose, modification for beginners, how to advance the pose for those more experienced, and even advice for when to avoid a drain pose due to injury or condition. 

This app also has a schedule feature that will connect to your calendar. This is a great way to keep yourself on track and accountable, by putting the virtual class in your daily schedule. I think my favorite feature of this app though, is the custom class builder. If you have a good understanding of yoga and want to play around with creating your own class, this is really fun. You can go through and chose all the poses you want included in your class. Then you can use a feature called link poses and the app will suggest other poses to help create flow between each of your chosen poses. You do not have to use all the link poses and if you have a experience putting a yoga class, you probably wouldn’t need that feature at all. 

This app is perfect for my yoga needs, it allows me to practice in my home and is adaptable to my time limitations as well. But I am still able to experience professional, guided yoga classes that can help me wind down after a long day or really challenge me, whatever I am needing. I would love to know if you practice yoga, your favorite way to practice, and about any yoga apps you like as well!


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