Thai Curry


A few nights ago my fiancé and I made a red curry for supper that was inspired by a Pacific organic Thai sweet potato soup we found at our local grocery store. I already had a little jar of vegan red curry paste and rice at home. So along with the soup, we picked up some coconut milk and cubed tofu to made a yummy, Thai inspired meal.


We just used the vegetables we had at home already, so we added onion and bell pepper to the tofu and curry mixture. You could really add whatever you would like though. Next time I think I will add green beans and carrots as well. The soup was very good, with a strong lemongrass and lime flavor, but it was very rich. Next time I will not eat it with the same meal as the curry, since they both are quite rich. We did not add any spicy peppers to the curry since the curry paste was labeled as hot, but my fiancé and I did not find it hot at all. Next time we will definetly add some Thai chilies! This meal is a work in progress, but overall it is super simple to make and very yummy!

Red Thai Curry
Pacific Organic Thai Sweet Potato Soup

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