Natural Deodorant

So, I need help! I have tried three (maybe technically four) different natural deodorants and I just cannot find one I love. It is getting so frustrating. The first one I tried was from The Honest Company, and I was so excited to try it. I tried it when it was a brand new product and they only had one fragrance. It did not work for me at all, I mean AT ALL. I smelled horrid. So I quickly got rid of it and tried the LaVanila coconut vanilla scent. This worked okay for me, but by the end of the day I was not smelling too great. Because of that, I did not repurchase when I finished that one. I am currently trying the Tom’s long lasting wild lavender deodorant. I am having the same issue with this one that I had with the LaVanila. The product works for about half the day. Because of this, when I was working in the hospital I purchased the Pacifica underarm deodorant wipes. I would use that product when I started to stink and it worked wonderfully. In fact, it is probably my favorite deodorant product I have tried but it is not practical for daily use.

I have heard about different types and brands of vegan, natural deodorant. One I am very curious about is crystal deodorant. I am also curious about trying the other fragrancies from The Honest Company. I wish that one had worked better for me because it is in spray form, and that is a feature I really like. I have also heard people say that LaVanila is really good, you just have to find the scent combination that works best for your body. But before I try another product, I would love some input from you all. If you have found a natural, vegan deodorant that works well please let me know. And if you have tried a crystal deodorant I would love to know how well that worked for you. Please give me your input, I would REALLY appreciate it!


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