Clue: For the Ladies

One of the reasons I went vegan was to avoid excess hormones being put into my body, then throwing of the balance of my own hormone production. Hormone free meat does not exist. Even if the animals are not pumped full of artificial hormones by humans, all animals produce natural hormones for their own body, just as we do. Because of this, I realized how bad even birth control was for my body. I was taking birth control because I had extremely painful and heavy periods. But I decided, for me, birth control wasn’t worth it. I stopped taking birth control and decided to let my body maintain itself. I started to realize that I had little knowledge of my own body, my own cycle, or even what to expect. I was lucky enough to learn a lot about what is happening in my body during each phase of the cycle while in nursing school, but not every woman goes to nursing school and receives this knowledge. Thankfully, their is an app called Clue that will explain everything!

I LOVE this app, truly! Since I do not take birth control, I used to dread starting my period. I never knew when it was going to happen, and I usually wasn’t prepared when it did happen. Ever since I have used this app, I have had an understanding of my body and I know when my period is coming. Clue provides wonderful scientific explanations of everything that is going on in your body. For example, the app provides an explanation of what your period is, what is happening in your body, what is considered normal and healthy, relief for symptoms, explanation of medical terminology, and when you should seek a medical professional. This breakdown is provided for every phase of your cycle though, not just the most well known part of your cycle, your period. The app allows you to track so many different aspects of your life and your body. And their is an explanation or definition provided for everything, so you understand what ovulation pain is before you record that you are experiencing it.

This app is so customizable, you can turn on and off the different aspects you want to track. You can track everything from bleeding, cravings, your hair, your skin, temperature, weight, emotions, energy, exercise, and your birth control method. Their are many more options then those I listed, and you don’t have to use them all by any means. I just feel so strongly that every woman should use this app, no matter what your method of birth control is, just to have a better understanding of what is happening in your body and why. The app is very easy to use and is free in the apple App Store (I couldn’t find info on the other app stores, sorry) and it is available in numerous different languages. If you use this app or a similar one, let me know, I am curious to check some others out as well!


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