Is Your Alcohol Vegan?

I recently spent a long weekend visiting family friends in Indiana. We watched sports, played cards, and even went to Indianapolis for a Pacer basketball game and barhopped after. Before I left for this trip I was really concerned about not knowing for sure which alcoholic drinks were vegan. I know this may sound crazy, what could possibly be in my beer to make it not vegan? The ingredients to make beer are quite simple, and vegan friendly. Unfortunately, some beer and alcohol producers use animal products to filter their final products of impurities.

Luckily, I found an amazing website,, to help me figure out what drinks were safe! The website has a list of beer, wine, and liquor and tells you whether the drinks are vegan friendly, or if they are not. You can also input the name of a drink and search the database to make better use of your time. If you don’t find the product you are looking for the website has an amazing feature. They have a section titled Ask a Company, with instructions for emailing companies to inquire about their product. This information is provided in many different languages and they instruct you to forward the response you receive. This way you can make sure the product you verify is added to their list.

Websites like this make being a responsible vegan so easy, I love it! Check it out and help add your favorite drink if you cannot find it!

Barnivore link:


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