Vegan “Chicken” and Gravy

My fiancé was really craving a traditional American meal.. Not always the easiest thing to do on a vegan diet. More specifically, he requested a meal with some sort of gravy. Determined to make it work, I dug through my cookbooks to find a recipe for gravy that would work. Most vegan recipes for gravy that I find involve mushrooms. While they may be good recipes, mushroom gravy is not the traditional gravy flavor I crave. 

Luckily I was able to find a gravy recipe involving no mushrooms! It was a very simple recipe based on flour, nutritional yeast, dairy free milk, seasoning, and the star of the show, Better Than Bouilon vegan beef flavoring. The gravy turned out creamy, flavorful, and just down right perfect. Using the other food we found in the fridge, we made a wonderful meal to enjoy our gravy with!

We baked a sweet potato, cooked up some green beans, and baked some vegan chicken tenders from Trader Joe’s. It was very reminiscent of chicken fried steak, minus the cruelty! The gravy was so good, we ended up topping everything on the plate with it! Making meals like this gives me so much hope. Every time I recreate a meal from my childhood, meals traditionally not very vegan friendly, I know it is possible for everyone to adopt a plant based diet.



Shortly after finally starting this blog that I’ve been thinking about for years, many changes happened in my life. The most disruptive to this blog being a move followed by starting a new job. I planned to start up again with new posts after things in life got settled again, but of course that never happens! Life never settles! And so I just kept pushing off starting up again, becoming more and more discouraged about the whole process. 

A few days ago I was sitting in the parking garage at work, waiting to go in and start my shift, scrolling through Instagram. I was quite anxious, as I’ve started working a nursing job at a hospital again. I remember texting my fiancé about the anxiety I was feeling and then looking at the beautiful pictures and inspiring post from all the accounts I follow related to Rachel Brathen, AKA @yoga_girl on Instagram. I sat there at thought, I want to live like this. I know her life isn’t perfect, but she has purpose and she is making changes and help improving this planet, all while living in a beautiful environment and working closely with friends. I don’t want to live her life, I just want to live my own version of what she has.

I want to wake up  every day excited about what I’m contributing to the world. I want to live in my own definition of paradise. I want to help improve the world I’m here sharing with every other living creature. But it won’t happen just sitting around dreaming about it. I have to put in the effort. If I want my life to change, I have to do something to make that happen. And right now, the best way I feel like I can do that is to use this blog I started. 

Going back through my original post, it’s funny to me that Rachel Brathen was my inspiration and motivation the first time around. In my opinion, Rachel is using social media in such a meaningful and powerful way. It inspires me so much, so I’m not surprised that many of my “ah-ha” moments have been due to her social media post. I’m more dedicated and excited then ever to start using this blog again to share the amazing things I know about a plant based lifestyle and hopefully inspire some of you!