Yoga Obsession: oneoeight

Rachel Brathen has done it again! It’s no secret that I am a big fan of hers. I love the way she is using her presence in social media to help improve the world, in big ways and small ways. One of the many ways she is making an impact is with her wonderful web community at Joining the community gives you access to yoga classes, meditation and life coaching, and even wellness and cooking classes. The website also allows you to learn about and from amazing, influential people in the world of yoga and wellness that you may never otherwise have come into contact with. 

This web community is a monthly subscription, for 14 dollars a month, you have access to so many resources. You can even try the community out for free for 10 days! I was hooked immediately when I gave it a go. And the website is often updated with new classes and resources. One of my favorite things about the website is how simple it is to use. The yoga class videos are divided into so many categories, you can always find something you are looking for. You can filter the videos by time, style, instructor, and so much more. And you can save your favorite videos to your “mat”, making it so convenient to always find your favorite lessons. 

I have been using this website for a month now and it has become my favorite resource for yoga practice. And I’m really looking forward to exploring the meditation and life coaching lessons more deeply in the near future. I highly suggest you give it a try! I’m so excited to be apart of the community and see what happens next..

Be sure to visit


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