Happy Cheese Pizza Day!

Today is national cheese pizza day, and I plan on celebrating! To do so, I did some research for the holiday, or rather some taste testing. I went to the grocery store and bought the two vegan pizzas I found. One was a cheese pizza from the brand Daiya. The second was a spinach and cheese pizza from the brand Amy’s. 

This is the Amy’s pizza. Does not look the most appetizing but it was delicious. Of the two, this is the one I would serve to a non-vegan. This one was more expensive in my area, but by a very insignificant amount. This exact pizza is also much more difficult for me to find in my area, but it was worth the hunt!

This is the Daiya cheese pizza, which is much easier for me to find. This pizza has a very destinctive Daiya cheese flavor, which I am very used to at this point and do not really notice anymore. Of the two cheese pizzas, this was my least favorite of the two. But in general, national cheese pizza day aside, the Daiya margherita pizza is by far my favorite vegan pizza! 

More pizza tips I can offer on this lovely holiday include getting a pizza at Whole Foods if you have one near by. You can special order a pizza with vegan cheese on it! I don’t go to Whole Foods often, but when I do, I celebrate with a vegan pizza. Another tip I like to offer people new to the vegan lifestyle is to not give up on pizza delivery. I’ve often heard people complain that they could never be vegan because they love pizza too much. And it’s so convenient to just have a pizza delivered to your door! Guess what?! You can still order pizza, just ask for no cheese! I usually order mine with pineapple, onions, jalapeños, and banana peppers. The point is, you have so many pizza options as a vegan, enjoy!


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