Learning Mindfulness


I have been eating a plant based diet for two and a half years now, so I feel like I take good care of my physical health as far as my diet goes. My mental health is another story. I have struggled with anxiety for twelve years now and I have never had success with using medication to help manage it. I started practicing yoga hoping it would help, and while I love the benefits of practicing yoga, it has not particularly helped with my anxiety. The next step I wanted to take was trying to establish a daily meditation practice. But I really struggled with this, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and I just could not do it “right.” 

To help myself establish a better meditation practice, I started using The Little Book of Mindfulness, and I love it! This book offers different activities and exercises to help increase mindfulness and meditation practice. The different activities only take 5-10 minutes each and are so easy to follow. My favorite aspect about this book is that it helps you step out of auto-pilot and helps you find joy in your daily activities. Their are entire chapters on mindful eating and gratitude, plus many other chapters that offer different breathing exercises, mindful movement activities, and meditation techniques. I have found that I can take different practices from the book during times of high anxiety and help calm myself down. 


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